Kayak Angler's Charitable Recipients

Enriching our own lives isn't enough- we've vowed to help others. Each year, each Kayak Angler chapter chooses a charitable organization to work with and make a contribution too. At the end of the year, the funds raised are donated to the charity of their choice. If you are interested in being a charitable recipient, look below to see which chapters are still available and apply today!

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Heroes on the Water Logo

Central PA

Heroes on the Water - Central PA Chapter

Kayak Anglers' Central PA chapter has partnered up with Heroes on the Water's Central PA chapter. Heroes on the Water helps our Nation’s warriors and veterans from all branches of the United States military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. "HOW" is a great charitable organization and if you wish to learn more about them and what they do, check out their website here: Heroes on the Water

The Ike Foundation Logo

Eastern PA

The Ike Foundation

Kayak Anglers' Eastern PA chapter has partnered up with The Ike Foundation. The Ike Foundation was established in July 2014 by Michael Iaconelli with the main goal of getting more kids involved with the sport of fishing. The Ike Foundation will assist civic organizations, existing youth fishing organizations, and other charitable organizations in sponsoring events and functions which promote fishing to both inner city and rural youth. These events and functions will teach young people the sport of fishing, the ecology of the outdoors and the responsibility each person has in order to maintain our planets natural resources. HOOK EM EARLY! If you wish to learn more about them and what they do, check out their website here: The Ike Foundation

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Laurel Highlands PA

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Griffin's Guardians Charity Logo

Central NY

Griffin’s Guardians

The Central NY Chapter donates 25% of tournament funds to Griffin’s Guardians. The goal of Griffin's Guardians is to bring Awareness to Pediatric Cancer. The foundation assists with funding for Pediatric Cancer research and provides financial assistance to families with children battling cancer in CNY. Griffin’s Guardians brings families HOPE and tries to lessen the burden, in a time when the focus should be family. To learn more about Griffin's Guardian visit here: Griffin's Guardians