Event Rules and Scoring


  1. Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older or those younger with a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Entry fee must be received in order to officially participate in the event.
  3. Non-Members will be required to pay additional fee unless a joint event with another club(s) is announced prior to the event
  4. All participants must be prepared to present a valid state fishing license at the event.
  5. All participants must be prepared to present a valid state fishing license at the event.
  6. All participants must have the appropriate launch permits where necessary.
  7. PFD (must be worn at all times and secured properly - buckles fastened, zippers zipped, etc.), whistle, and light are required. (hand-held flash lights that give off a white light count)


  1. Only Black Bass, Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass are eligible for scoring.
  2. This is a CPR event (catch, photograph, release).
  3. No tournament participant will keep any bass for any reason.


  1. All fish entered must be caught from a kayak or canoe in regulation with your local state Department of Fish and Game guidelines.
  2. Bass caught while wading or walking the shoreline ARE eligible for submission. The kayak must appear in every bass photo submitted. Please be courteous and supportive of Catch and Release by keeping your watercraft close by, preferably within a few yards, to ensure all fish are released unharmed.
  3. All fish must be caught on casted or trolled Rod, Reel, Line and Hook with ARTIFICIAL LURES ONLY with one line in the water at a time.


  1. Only kayaks, single person canoes or SUP's are permitted
  2. Human powered propulsion must be used- no gas powered motors are allowed.
  3. For those unable to paddle or pedal for medical reasons, electric trolling motors may be used. Individuals will be required to have a GPS to ensure 3mph is not exceeded. Individual will also be required to not exceed speed of other paddlers given conditions on the day of the event. You must receive approval to use an electric trolling motor prior to the date of the event(s).
  4. Only one event participant per watercraft is permitted and only the participant is permitted to propel the watercraft. You may request approval to bring a child aged 12 or under but he or she may not participate in the event, paddle the craft or assist with catching or landing a fish which is ultimately scored.


  1. All participants will launch from a designated launch spot at a designated time specified prior to each event.
  2. The launch time will be estimated but is subject to change due to conditions such as dense fog or inclement weather. The official time will be announced at the event.


  1. All participants submitting fish remotely via mobile device (including those via WiFi if it is available) must be back to the launch point by specified tournament end time and fish must be submitted prior to event end time.
  2. All participants submitting fish after returning to launch point at day’s end must be in line 30 minutes before designated tournament end time
  3. At weigh in, all participants not submitting fish remotely via mobile device must have:
    • Digital camera or phone which is capable of photo transfer
    • Memory card and/or USB cable
  4. Late check in will be permitted until 10 minutes after designated tournament end time
  5. Penalty of 1” per 5 minutes will be deducted from participant’s total for late check in
  6. 11 minutes after the event has ended participants not yet checked in will be disqualified
  7. The measure-in time will be estimated but is subject to change due to conditions such as dense fog or inclement weather. The official time will be announced at the event.


  1. The Hawg Trough is the only accepted measuring device
  2. Kayak Anglers utilizes Kayakfishingseries.com for fish photo submissions
  3. Initial scoring will be completed by participants and final scoring will be completed by Tournament Director(s) or pre-determined Judge(s).
    • We have decided to use the PA Fish and Boat method of measurement. Please refer to the example below when scoring your fish. According to the Fish and Boat Commission, the total length of a fish is from the mouth to the longest point of the tail. Tails must be centered on the board as shown below. There is no penalty for an un-pinched tail.
    • There will be no closed mouth rule. Basically as long as the mouth is touching the bump board on the left, the fishes length will be where the tail ends up to the ¼ inch. This should make it easier on the judges and tournament directors at the end of the event.
    • Fish must be facing left with the belly of the fish facing you in all photos. An example can be seen below. Any fish measured incorrectly will be disqualified.
    • Although we do not have a closed mouth rule, the pre-determined event judge(s) must be able to visually see the fish’s mouth touching the bump board. Any instance where the pre-determined event judge(s) does not believe the fish’s mouth is touching or where the photo angle prevents the judge(s) from making a determination a 1” deduction will be incurred. Example’s of fish submissions that would incur a 1” deduction can be seen below...
  4. Please be realistic with your recorded lengths and please be aware other participants will be able to view your scored fish.
  5. Competitors submitting their catches with incorrect length will not only take away from the live aspect of our event scoring but will annoy others and slow down the scoring process of the event. Please use common sense and be realistic when scoring your fish.
  6. Tournament Director(s) predetermined event Judge(s) will have final say regarding scoring and protests.
  7. Recorded lengths are not final until verified.
  8. Photos that do not meet the requirements listed will not count.
  9. (3) Longest verified lengths will be totaled for your score
  10. Fish under 12” will not count and should not be photographed
  11. The participant with the highest total score is the winner, next highest is second, etc
  12. The participant with the single longest fish of the event will be recognized as the “Big Bass” winner.
  13. The Hawg Trough is the only accepted measuring device for tournaments.
  14. Fish of similar lengths must be distinguishable between one another, Disqualification of one of the fish will be up to tournament director or predetermined event judge if fish are indistinguishable
  15. Rounding of fish length will be down to the nearest ¼”
  16. A mangled or 'irregular' tail will be measured to the longest of the two tail points
  17. Nothing is allowed to be in the fish’s mouth while being photographed besides the fish grips. A deduction of a 1” for fish photographed while "lip gripped" with Boca/Lucid/fish grips. Please be sure to take the lure/hook out of the fish’s mouth before taking the photo. This is a danger to you and the fish so please keep them out of their mouth. No stringers are to be used to keep the fish on the board. If the stringer is used, the fish will be disqualified.



Fish Example


Fish Example


Fish Example


Fish Example


  1. Ties will be broken based off the time an angler's fish are submitted on to the Kayak Fishing Series scoreboard, unless otherwise stated at the captains meeting before an event.


  1. Participants may only use digital cameras or phones for recording scoring of fish (cameras may not be shared by competitors).
  2. If not submitting remotely, entrants must bring the memory card from their camera to check-in.
    • The tournament scorekeeper will download memory cards onto the official computer. The tournament scorekeeper will be able to read most standard memory cards, however anglers should bring a USB cable for their camera to ensure that their photos may be downloaded.
  3. Each photo must contain the following:
    • Fish facing left and not upside down
    • Mouth must be touching against Hawg-Trough
    • The whole fish, mouth to tail
    • Measurements clearly visible
    • Unique identifier for the event
    • Tail centred on board
    • Photo must be taken overheard, not at an angle
    • Kayak must be visible
Fish Measure Example


  1. 25% of each tournament entry will be donated to the charity affiliated with the chapter event you are fishing.
  2. Payouts are based on participation- the typical structure is 60% to first place, 30% to second place and 10% to third.


  • What are Majors

    • Each chapter will choose an event from their schedule that will be considered a "Major" event. At these tournaments you can expect bigger prizes, bigger payouts, and also compete in a Major Angler of the Year race. We'll talk more about that below.

  • What is Angler of the Year?

    • There will be 2 versions of Angler of the Year. The Major Angler of the Year and the Chapter Angler of the Year. To be eligible for either you must be a member of Kayak-Anglers!

  • Major Angler of the Year

    • Each chapter will have a "Major" event and we will be keeping track of points using this scoring system for all 5 of the major events. The angler with the most points from their top 3 events from the Major events will be crowned the Major Angler of the Year. The top 5 in points will also qualify to go compete in our championship event.

  • Chapter Angler of the Year

    • This AOY race is specific for any given chapter. We will keep track of points using this scoring system throughout each chapter's tournament schedule. The person with the most points from their top 3 events in that chapter at the end of the season will be considered that chapter's Angler of the Year. Only each chapter's Angler of the Year will qualify to compete at the championship event.

  • Championship

    • There can only be one Kayak-Anglers champion, will it be you? 10 anglers can qualify to compete for this title. 5 anglers from the Major AOY race and each of the 5 chapters' Anglers of the Year. In the event that an angler is in the top 5 major points and also wins a chapter AOY, that championship qualifing spot will NOT be given to another angler. This also applies if an angler wins multiple chapter AOYs. A non-disclosed location will be selected and the qualifiers will face off to compete for the title.


  1. Fishing is our hobby, a pastime, and a passion. We are not retiring or even living off of any prizes. Even if we were, proper behavior or conduct is expected. If someone suspects wrongdoing or cheating they should speak to the tournament director. Bad behavior may result in disqualification and possibly be barred from future tournaments. Cheating will result in disqualification and bar you from future tournaments. The judge’s decision is final. Can they be wrong, it could happen but bad behavior will not justify anything? Bad calls by referees occur in all sports but as we all know, it’s part of the game. As the saying goes, stuff happens.
  2. What is bad behavior?
    • Physically attacking anyone.
    • Prolonged arguing beyond the judge’s call.
    • Attacking people verbally in person, on the Kayak Anglers site or any KA Facebook site even after the tournament.
  3. Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.li>
  4. Guys please keep in mind that we are here to have fun, not earn a living. That being said, even the professionals have disagreements but keep themselves mostly in control. If you don’t like something, let’s act like gentlemen. Let’s make sure that we focus on the fun. In the end it’s all of us versus the fish.


  1. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. If in the event a participant is caught cheating, he or she, will be disqualified and forfeit any prize/cash winnings stolen throughout the 2016 season and banned for life from all chapters of Kayak-Anglers.com. We will also notify other tournament directors and will post about the incident on every kayak fishing forum and social media outlet possible describing the incident and naming each participant who cheated. If you are not willing to comply with the above please do not fish any events for Kayak-Anglers.com.
  2. Any instance of modifying a Hawg Trough to make fish appear longer will be considered cheating.
  3. Any instance of measuring another individuals fish will be considered cheating


  1. Individual, off-season or 'special event' tournaments may have rules different to those posted above. Rules for these 'special events' will override the above posted rules.