About Laurel Highlands PA Chapter

Laurel Highlands kayak scenic view

"Welcome to the Laurel Highlands PA chapter of Kayak Anglers. I’m Greg Christofes and alongside my counterpart, Joe Blazauski, we are the chapter directors of LH.

The Laurel Highlands chapter is based in the mountains of Pennsylvania, running from the Maryland boarder all the way up to Route 80. Our waterways range from deep cold mountain reservoirs, to flatter state park lakes and beautiful free flowing rivers fed by mountain streams. There are plenty of angling opportunities and healthy bass populations. In addition to the tournaments we will be having, we are always looking to get kayak anglers together for a casual fishing outing just to enjoy the sport or check out new places we haven’t fished.

As you can imagine, fishing is one of my favorite pastimes and I’m happy to target multiple species both from the kayak and from shore. In addition to fishing, I love spending time in the outdoors hunting and biking. Joe is also an avid fisherman who loves targeting many kinds of fish, but especially Musky and Pike. So much he even has his own lure company, Scared Fishless Tackle Company.

We look forward to seeing you on the water and on the forum. Feel free to reach out to either one of us about our tournaments, outings or just a body of water. We’re always looking to share our knowledge, gain some knowledge ourselves and spend time on the water with others who enjoy the sport."

Tight Lines! Greg and Joe

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