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Forum Records

Species (Picture) Angler Forum Name Length
Bass - LargemouthNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us22.75"
Bass - SmallmouthJeffrey Rabbitwetlands22.5"
Bass - RockNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us10"
Bass - StripedNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us33"
Bass - WhiteJoel Szymczykjszymczyk15.5"
Bass - White/Striped HybridAdam DaubenspeckSVTrackStar23.25"
BowfinRobert Pattersonfishmanbp20.25"
CarpPatrick KanzlerThreefishmafia36" (estimated)
Catfish - ChannelRandy Berginrwmax30"
Catfish - FlatheadAlex Millercrappie41644" (estimated)
Chain PickerelJeffrey Rabbitwetlands24"
Freshwater Drum (Sheephead)Randy Berginrwmax29"
MuskieAdam Daubenspeck SVTrackStar45" (estimated)
Muskie - TigerJohn ShurinaPhish Pharm40"
Northern PikeJoel Szymczykjszymczyk37"
Panfish - Black CrappieJohn HarleyJohn894813.5"
Panfish - White CrappieNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us16.5"
Panfish - BluegillAlex Millercrappie4168"
Panfish - PumpkinseedSeth Willoughbysethwillo9"
Panfish - Yellow PerchNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us13"
QuillbackJoel Szymczykjszymczyk22.25"
SaugerHunter Michaelkayakfishinguy2620.75"
SaugeyeChris HanneganZorro22.5"
Sucker - WhiteJoel Szymczykjszymczyk21"
Trout - BrookJoel Szymczykjszymczyk17.5"
Trout - BrownNoah HeckSmallies_R_Us21.75"
Trout - RainbowBill DeJosephbeatles4life217.75"
Trout - SteelheadStealth6Stealth625.75"
Trout - TigerSeth Willoughbysethwillo13.5"
WalleyeChris HanneganZorro30.25"
FlounderRyen McCaffreySweetBass19.25"

Rules and Fish Submission

  • Angler submitting a fish must be a member of the Kayak Angler's forum. Join Forum.
  • Fish must be caught from a kayak (picture must show kayak).
  • Measurement must be clearly visible. These records are based off total length. This is meant to be just for fun so be realistic with your measurements (any disputes will be solved by vote on the forum).
  • Any body of water is allowed.
  • All species are welcomed for submission, not just the ones already listed.
  • All fish submissions must be posted to the forum in this thread: Submit Fish.
  • Submissions must be from March 2013 or later.
  • Once the first event occurs this season you need either your KA lanyard in the photo (if you are a member) or you need to write "KA-15" on an ID, and that is required to beat any existing records (pre-4/11/15)